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January 31st 2010
Grammy winners on The Jazz Session

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Congratulations to all the folks who won Grammy awards during the afternoon ceremony today, including the following former guests on The Jazz Session:

Here’s the rest of the list of the awards given out thus far in the jazz category.

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January 28th 2010
Jazz writing: Noel Freidline

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My latest mini-profile for the Island Packet newspaper on Hilton Head Island, SC, is about pianist Noel Freidline. Here’s the opening:

Noel Freidline was first exposed to jazz in the usual manner: via National Geographic.

Wait a minute, National Geographic?

“My mom was briefly a member of the National Geographic album club back in the late ’70s,” Freidline said. “One of the albums they sent her that she did not actually order was a compilation album of Dixieland jazz. One day, when I was about 11 or 12, I found the album and put it on. I was fascinated. Shortly thereafter a neighbor gave me a Dave Brubeck album called ‘Time Out.’ He was probably the only person in my little hometown of Clearwater, Kan., who even knew who Dave Brubeck was. Now I was hooked.”

Read the rest of the article.

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January 28th 2010
The Jazz Session #138: Mike Reed

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Drummer Mike Reed is a mainstay on the Chicago music scene, both as a performer and a presenter. Reed and his band People, Places & Things have a new album called About Us (482 Music, 2009). It’s part of a trilogy showcasing the past, present and future of the Chicago scene. In this interview, Reed talks about the sometimes overlooked cultural contributions of the “third coast;” why he decided to record this trilogy; and how he went about finding the compositions and musicians he’s featuring in his current work. Learn more at

You’ll find even more hard bop from Chicago on this week’s Night Lights from WFIU: “Chicago Calling: Unsung Heroes of the City’s Hardbop Scene.”

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January 25th 2010
The Jazz Session #137: Matthew Shipp

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“To me, music is an occult alphabet of frequencies and vibrations that are transmitted on an instrument.” So says pianist Matthew Shipp, whose new solo piano recording, 4D (Thirsty Ear, 2010) comes out on January 26. In this interview, Shipp talks about the joy of solo piano; the lessons he learned from David S. Ware and Roscoe Mitchell; and the origins of music itself. Learn more at

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January 21st 2010
The Jazz Session #136: James Weidman

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Pianist James Weidman is well known as an accompanist to some of the most heralded singers of our time, from Abbey Lincoln to Cassandra Wilson. In recent years he’s travelled the world as a member of Joe Lovano’s band. On his new CD, Three Worlds (Inner Circle, 2009), Weidman leads an eclectic ensemble of improvisers through his own creative compositions. In this interview, Weidman talks about his early decision not to be pigeonholed; why he usually writes music away from the piano; and his recent trip to play jazz in Moscow. Learn more at

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