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June 28th 2010
The Jazz Session #181: Stephan Crump

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Bassist Stephan Crump formed the Rosetta Trio with guitarists Liberty Ellman and Jamie Fox to play music he composed in response to September 11. Now, with their second album, Reclamation (Sunnyside, 2010), the trio continues to explore an exposed and intimate sonic landscape. In this interview, Crump talks about the origins of the band; the trio’s particular sonic palette; and the benefits of playing without drums. Learn more at

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June 26th 2010
The Jazz Session hits 600,000 downloads!

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The Jazz Session just hit 600,000 downloads! Thanks for all your support. If you’d like to help keep the show going, please consider donating using the button on the left side of this site.


June 24th 2010
The Jazz Session #180: Matt White of Fight The Big Bull

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Guitarist Matt White and his band Fight The Big Bull are part of the creative music scene in Richmond, Virginia. Their new album All Is Gladness In The Kingdom (Clean Feed, 2010) features the playing and arrangements of Steven Bernstein, perhaps best known for his band Sex Mob. In this interview, White talks about the surprisingly fertile Richmond scene; how he came to work with Bernstein; and why a song from The Band ended up on the new record. Learn more at And be sure to listen to Dean Christesen and Matt White as they provide audio commentary for the entire album at the RVA Jazz site.

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June 21st 2010
The Jazz Session #179: Emilio Solla

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Argentinian pianist Emilio Solla calls his band The Tango Jazz Conspiracy, but that’s about the only genre label you’ll find him using for his music — and he’s not even sure what “tango jazz” really means. On his album Bien Sur! (Fresh Sound, 2010), Solla is joined by A-list musicians such as Chris Cheek, Richie Barshay, Victor Prieto and Jorge Roeder. In this interview, Solla talks about his early years in Argentina and his subsequent move to Spain; how Astor Piazzolla paved the way for Solla and his contemporaries; and how drum master Billy Hart came to be a guest on Solla’s album. Learn more at

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June 17th 2010
The Jazz Session #178: Taylor Ho Bynum

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Cornetist Taylor Ho Bynum has his fingers in so many pies, he should open a bakery. In addition to his recent CD Madeleine Dreams (Firehouse 12 Records, 2009) with his band SpiderMonkey Strings, he’s also on a new duo CD, Stepwise (Not Two Records, 2010), with drummer Tomas Fujiwara. And he’s helping run the Tri-Centric Foundation, which preserves and advances the music of Anthony Braxton. And he helps run a record label. And he’s launching a fall tour … by bicycle. He talks about all that and more in this interview. Learn more at

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June 14th 2010
The Jazz Session #177: Sunna Gunnlaugs

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Icelandic pianist Sunna Gunnlaugs is giving the power back to the people to fund her new CD, The Dream. She’s using micro-patronage to raise the funds for the CD and for her tour of the U.S., which begins June 15, 2010. In this interview, Gunnlaugs discusses her decision to use a fan-based funding system; how Kool & The Gang became a gateway to jazz; why she decided to come to the United States to study; and why she eventually returned to Iceland. Learn more at

To purchase this CD (starting June 17, 2010) and others by Sunna Gunnlaugs, visit her store.


June 10th 2010
The Jazz Session #176: Rufus Reid

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Bassist Rufus Reid says he’s found a very special combination of players on his new trio CD, Out Front (Motema Music, 2010). In this interview, Reid talks about why pianist Steve Allee and drummer Duduka Da Fonseca make for such rare trio partners; how he approaches both trio and large ensemble playing; and why he feels compelled to keep reaching for new experiences. Learn more at

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June 7th 2010
The Jazz Session #175: Sunny Jain

Posted under Drummers & Podcast

Drummer Sunny Jain is using his superpowers for good, choosing on his new album, Taboo (Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records, 2010) to make a series of strong statements about social issues, set against South Asian cultural norms. In this interview, Jain talks about his decision to use traditional song forms to say non-traditional things; the intricate interplay of the band; and the many guest vocalists who appear on the record. Learn more at

If you’d like to buy this album, you can support The Jazz Session by purchasing it via the link below:


June 3rd 2010
The Jazz Session #174: Redwood Jazz Alliance

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If all you know about Humboldt County, California, is Firesign Theatre and, uh, “agriculture,” then it’s time you got to know the Redwood Jazz Alliance. Located behind the “Redwood Curtain,” the RJA is successfully bringing in major jazz artists to a community that wouldn’t otherwise have access to them. In this interview, three board members — Dan Aldag, Michael Eldridge and Eric Neel — talk about the origins of the Alliance; its early success in attracting top-flight talent; and how the local community has taken up the cause. Learn more at

NOTE:This interview was recorded in the summer of 2009, so please check the RJA site for a current list of events.

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