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July 29th 2010
The Jazz Session #186: Steve Coleman

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Steve Coleman leads his band Five Elements through another thought-provoking set on Harvesting Semblances And Affinities (Pi Recordings, 2010), his first American-label release in nine years and his first new album in four years. In this interview, Coleman talks about a wide range of topics, from seeing Sonny Stitt play a student horn in a motel room in Chicago to the philosophy and research underlying his musical explorations. Learn more at

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July 26th 2010
The Jazz Session #185: Marc Copland

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Pianist Marc Copland joins Dave Liebman, Billy Hart, Drew Gress and John Abercrombie in the band Contact. Their new album is Five On One (Pirouet Records, 2010). In this interview, Copland talks about the formation of the band and his relationships with the individual members; his years in D.C. and his switch from saxophone to piano; and why more piano players might want to consider laying out for a chorus or two. Learn more at

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July 22nd 2010
The Jazz Session #184: Bryan Murray of Bryan And The Haggards

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When one thinks of free jazz, one of the first names that springs to mind is that of Merle Haggard. And so, it’s perfectly natural that saxophonist Bryan Murray would have assembled a band to play free versions of Haggard’s songs. The result is the very engaging Pretend It’s The End Of The World (Hot Cup, 2010). In this interview, Murray talks about the inspiration for the record and how the band made the songs work in such a different context. Learn more at

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July 19th 2010
The Jazz Session #183: Charnett Moffett

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Bassist Charnett Moffett grew up in a musical family. Which is to say, his dad played with Ornette Coleman and the whole Moffett family band was touring the world when Charnett was a kid. More than two decades later, Charnett is bringing that family history and his own impressive musical resume to bear on his new album, Treasure (Motema, 2010). In this interview, Charnett talks about the thinking behind this album; his childhood experiences and how they shaped the musician he is today; and his work with guitarist Stanley Jordan, who appears on Treasure. Learn more at

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July 15th 2010
Gene Ludwig, 1937-2010

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Organist Gene Ludwig passed away on July 14, 2010. I didn’t know him well, but he was a guest on The Jazz Session in August, 2009, and we spoke several times in person and by phone and email. Gene and his wife Pattye were extremely kind to me and to everyone with whom I saw them interact, particularly during Gene’s performance last year in Schenectady, NY. My thoughts are with Pattye and with their families at this time.

Gene’s Schenectady gig inspired a poem that appears in my book, Unexpected Sunlight. You can read the poem at

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July 1st 2010
The Jazz Session #182: Michael Musillami

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Guitarist Michael Musillami’s new album, Old Tea (Playscape Recordings, 2010) was conceived in tragedy. Musillami talks about that great loss in this interview, and also about how he used music as one tool to navigate through dark waters. Learn more at