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October 28th 2010
The Jazz Session #212: Sara Serpa

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Vocalist Sara Serpa teams with her former teacher, pianist Ran Blake, on Camera Obscura (Inner Circle Music, 2010). In this interview, Serpa (who is Portuguese) talks about interpreting English lyrics; the high-wire act of singing with Ran Blake’s unique accompaniment; and the story of her journey from Lisbon to Boston to New York. Learn more at

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October 25th 2010
The Jazz Session #211: Tomas Fujiwara

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Drummer Tomas Fujiwara has assembled some of the most in-demand improvisers on the creative music scene today for his debut album, Actionspeak (482 Music). In this interview, Fujiwara talks about how he met the members of his band, The Hook Up; his first experience as a band leader in a recording session; and his early years in Boston and how he ended up studying with drummer Alan Dawson. Learn more at

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October 21st 2010
The Jazz Session #210: Mario Pavone

Posted under Bassists & Podcast

Bassist Mario Pavone is looking back on his life in music with his new album, arc suite t/pi t/po (Playscape Recordings, 2010). In this interview, Pavone talks about the changing role of rhythm sections in modern improvised music; his work in the visual arts, particularly painting and photography; and his “upside-down” approach to arranging. Learn more at


October 18th 2010
The Jazz Session #209: Danilo Perez

Posted under Pianists & Podcast

Several years ago, Danilo Perez became a father. On his new album, Providencia (Mack Avenue, 2010), Perez explores the lives of his daughters and commits himself, musically and socially, to leaving them a better world. In this interview, Perez talks about fatherhood; the diverse array of musicians in his band; and the many musical and other projects he’s involved with in Panama and at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Learn more at

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October 14th 2010
The Jazz Session #208: Blue Cranes

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Portland, Oregon-based band Blue Cranes have a new record called Observatories that continues their exploration of a wide variety of musical styles. In this interview, two members of Blue Crane discuss the band’s origin; its expansion from a quartet to a quintet; the use of the studio as an instrument; and their fan-funded upcoming national tour by train. Learn more at

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