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October 31st 2011
The Jazz Session #320: Camila Meza

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Vocalist and guitarist Camila Meza’s most recent CD is Retrato (Vertice Records, 2009). In this interview, Meza talks about her early days learning guitar in her native Chile; how a teacher discovered she could sing and the effect it had on her life; and how she sometimes feels like two people at once when she plays and sings at the same time. Learn more at

CONCERT NOTE: Camila Meza performs on 11/1/11 at 8:30 p.m. at Cornelia Street Cafe in New York.

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October 28th 2011
The Jazz Session #319: Gerald Wilson (Part 2)

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Composer and bandleader Gerald Wilson’s new CD is Legacy (Mack Avenue Records, 2011). This is part two of a two-part conversation. (Listen to Part 1.) In this part, Wilson talks about his time in the Navy during World War II; his subsequent work as an arranger for record labels and Hollywood studios; the development of his own band; and his new CD.

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October 24th 2011
The Jazz Session #318: Gerald Wilson (Part 1)

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Composer and bandleader Gerald Wilson’s new CD is Legacy (Mack Avenue Records, 2011). This is part one of a two-part conversation. In this episode, Gerald Wilson talks about growing up in the South and listening to music with his brother; his move to Detroit to attend an arts high school; his early days as a professional musician; his time with Jimmie Lunceford and his first arrangements; and the beginning of his time in the Navy. Learn more at


October 13th 2011
The Jazz Session #317: Larry Goldings

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Larry Goldings has two new CDs out: In My Room (BFM Jazz, 2011), a solo piano CD, and Live At Smalls (SmallsLive, 2011) with his organ trio featuring Peter Bernstein and Bill Stewart. In this interview, Goldings talks about approaching each piano on its own terms; how he first met Bernstein and Stewart; and his unplanned entry into the bands of Maceo Parker and James Taylor. Learn more at and follow him on Twitter at @LarryGoldings.

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October 12th 2011
Video of yours truly, interviewed by the new JazzDIY

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I was recently interviewed by JazzDIY, a soon-to-be-launched online trade journal for the 21st century jazz musician. You can follow them on Twitter at @JazzDIY and bookmark their site at Actually, I should say “our” site, because right after this interview I agreed to serve as a contributing editor for JazzDIY. We launch on Oct. 17. To tide you over until then, here’s some bonus footage from my five-part video interview.

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October 10th 2011
The Jazz Session #316: Jason Crane

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Andrea Wolper hosts the show and interviews me. Trust me, it was her idea. In this interview, I talk about how I make each episode; why I interview musicians and what about them interests me; and how poetry has become a major part of my life. Learn more at and


October 6th 2011
The Jazz Session #315: Dalton Ridenhour

Posted under Pianists & Podcast

Pianist Dalton Ridenhour is making his mark on the New York scene by playing ragtime, stride and New-Orleans-style piano. In this interview, Ridenhour talks about his childhood introduction to ragtime; how going to school for jazz changed his approach to the piano; and why, after a three-year hiatus, he’s returned to the styles he loves. Learn more at

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October 3rd 2011
The Jazz Session #314: Marcus Strickland

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Saxophonist Marcus Strickland’s latest recording is Triumph of the Heavy (Strick Muzik, 2011), a 2-CD set that features a live trio performance and a studio session by his new quartet. In this interview, Strickland talks about why he added piano to his band; his awareness that he’s playing for other people; and the difference between the tunes he writes in the fall and the tunes he writes in the spring. Learn more at and follow him on Twitter at @marcustrickland.

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