29th 2012
The Jazz Session #359: Raya Brass Band

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Raya Brass Band’s new CD is Dancing On Roses, Dancing On Cinders (2012). In this interview, four of the five members of the band discuss its origins; the rhythmic underpinnings of Balkan music; the uses of improvisation in their performances; and how a movie caused one of the members of the band to quit his job and take up the accordion. Learn more at and follow them on Twitter at @RayaBrassBand.

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  1. Valentine Slachetka on 30 Mar 2012 at 9:24 pm #

    What a show… for musicians to learn about these forms from innovators in the field… I hope this sets a precedent for coming shows… With that said as soon as my eBook takes off, not released yet I’ll join again.

    The book is how I won some coin in the lottery using logic in 1989 and it’s called “The Lottoist”.

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