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July 28th 2013
The Jazz Session #421: Cuneiform Records (and a Kickstarter message)

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Steve Feigenbaum is the founder of Cuneiform Records. In this interview, he talks about the origin of the label; what it’s like to run a record label in the age of digital downloads; and the varied roster he’s put together over the years. Learn more at and follow the label on Twitter at @cuneiformrecord.

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July 22nd 2013
Jazz folks write about The Jazz Session

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I’m so grateful to the writers who’ve mentioned The Jazz Session Kickstarter campaign. Here’s a roundup of the stories of which I’m aware.

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July 22nd 2013
The Jazz Session #420: Jeff Albert

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Trombonist Jeff Albert’s new album is The Tree On The Mound (RogueArt, 2013). In this interview, recorded in 2011 in New York City, Albert talks about teaching improvisation to kids; the intersection of computer technology and improvisation; and why you’ll always hear a groove at some point during a Jeff Albert show. Learn more at and follow him on Twitter at @jeffalbert.

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July 10th 2013
The Jazz Session #419: Maria Christina

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Vocalist and composer Maria Christina’s debut album is The Timeless In You (Cracked AnEgg Records, 2013). In this interview, Maria Christina talks about taking risks; the Berlin jazz scene; allowing space in her writing for improvisation; and her time studying with Theo Bleckmann in New York. Learn more at

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July 1st 2013
The Jazz Session #418: Geoffrey Keezer

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Pianist Geoffrey Keezer’s new solo piano album is Heart of the Piano (Motema Music, 2013). In this interview, Keezer talks about his time with Art Blakey; why he didn’t join Miles Davis’s band; the diversity of the projects he works on; and the art of playing solo. Learn more at and follow him on Twitter at @88keezer.

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Note #1: This interview was recorded in December 2011, but the album just came out, so the interview never aired.

Note #2: This interview is being released on the same day as the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to bring back The Jazz Session for one year. Please contribute if you can. Thank you!