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April 22nd 2015
The Jazz Session #452: Ras Moshe

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Ras Moshe is a saxophonist who also creates spaces for other musicians to flourish. In this interview, he talks about the intersection of political activism and music; his father and grandfather, both of whom were saxophonists; his early exposure to the loft scene in New York City; and the work he’s doing both as a saxophonist and a creator of musical opportunities for others.

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April 13th 2015
The Jazz Session #451: Natalie Cressman, Emily Asher & Angela Davis

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On this episode, three musicians who’ve recently been on the show, and even more recently recorded new albums: Natalie Cressman talks about Turn The Sea; Emily Asher introduces Meet Me In The Morning; and Angela Davis tells the story behind Lady Luck.

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April 6th 2015
The Jazz Session #450: Cat Toren

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Cat Toren is a Canadian pianist living in New York. She’s about to release an album called Inside The Sun featuring music she’s written since moving to New York five years ago. This episode contains a sneak peek at some music from that album. In this interview, Toren talks about making the switch from classical piano to jazz; choosing between New York City and Berlin; finding ways to be contemplative in one of the world’s largest cities; and why she feels improvisation is a collective activity. Learn more at

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