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January 18th 2011
A jazz poem

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Here’s a poem inspired by tonight’s show at Jazz Standard featuring Jeff “Tain” Watts, Robert Hurst and Steve Coleman:

in which we cross east 27th street at high tide

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November 22nd 2010
Audio poem featuring Eric Hofbauer and Garrison Fewell

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I posted a poem today at my poetry blog that features the music of TJS guests Eric Hofbauer and Garrison Fewell. You’ll find it here:


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August 3rd 2010
A poem about musicians I never saw play

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Over at my poetry blog, I just posted a poem called “I never heard Buddy Bolden say a goddamned thing” about many of the musicians I never had a chance to see in person. The text is there along with an audio version.

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May 28th 2010
A poem for Art Pepper

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Art Pepper is my favorite alto saxophonist and one of my favorite musicians, period. I wrote this while listening to Stuttgart May 25, 1981 – Unreleased Art Vol. V. Art’s wife, Laurie, has been on The Jazz Session twice. If you’d like to learn more about Art, please listen to her appearances in 2007 and 2009.

Photo (c) Laurie Pepper

Read “The Truth About Art Pepper”

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May 25th 2010
A poem for Sun ra

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A poem dedicated to the jazz musician Sun Ra.

to swing you in the arms of the stars


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