The Jazz Session #495: Taylor Ho Bynum

Taylor Ho Bynum just released The Ambiguity Manifesto (2019, Firehouse 12 Records), an album featuring his “9-tet.” In this interview, Taylor talks about his outstanding band; the evolution of his compositions in recent years; the many exciting projects he has coming up; and a lot more. (Here’s Taylor’s previous interview on The Jazz Session.)

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The Jazz Session #456: Steve Lampert


Trumpeter and composer Steve Lampert’s new album is Zahskl’s Jukebox, Vol. 1. In this interview, Lampert talks about the space-age concept behind the album; the complex process of producing both the music and the actual recording; why he doesn’t play live anymore; and how a guy who grew up on hardbop ended up writing music like he writes. Learn more at

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Your favorite Clifford Brown performances


I asked folks on Twitter and Facebook for their favorite performances by trumpeter Clifford Brown. Here’s what they said:

Alison Wedding, Justin Smith and Nicholas Urie said “Delilah.” Nicholas said, “They cultivated such an incredibly clear atmosphere in Delilah. The arrangement is also incredible — it is just great! This was one of the first jazz records I bought in junior high. I picked up the Brown/Roach record on a recommendation and Ornette’s Double Quartet record because I liked the cover. I listened to them both on repeat for the better part of a year.”

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The Jazz Session #424: Ralph Alessi


Trumpeter Ralph Alessi’s new album is Baida (ECM, 2013). In this interview, Alessi talks about the cohesiveness of this band after multiple albums together; playing the record for his mother in her final days; and his many years studying classical music before his experience at CalArts changed the course of his life. Learn more at

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The Jazz Session #406: Nadje Noordhuis

Trumpeter Nadje Noordhuis’s eponymous debut will be available on Oct. 9, 2012. In this interview, Noordhuis talks about the stories behind her compositions; how a “fight” with a piano kept her away from that instrument for a decade and how she found her way back; working with Darcy James Argue and others; and the moment in the studio when the tape first started rolling. Learn more at and follow her on Twitter at @nadje.

NOTE: Nadje is playing a CD pre-release show tonight (9/20/12) at the Jazz Gallery in NYC. Sets are at 9 and 10:30. Details here.