Congrats to CD winners


I’ve been giving away CDs each week for the past several weeks, and I’d like to congratulate all the winners thus far:

  • Chris from Isle of Man, UK (Jo Lawry CD)
  • Irina from Munich, Germany (Eddie Daniels 2-CD set)
  • Jon from Glen Ellen, CA (Eddie Daniels 2-CD set)
  • David from Towson, MD (Eddie Daniels 2-CD set)
  • Alex from Austin, TX (Javon Jackson CD)

As you can see, people listen to The Jazz Session all over the world!

YOU CAN STILL WIN: I’ve got two copies of the Javon Jackson CD and one copy of the Jo Lawry CD. To win, send an e-mail with the first name of the artist you’d like to

Coming up: Listen for your chance to win CDs by Kate McGarry and Kenny Garrett. And coming up in the weeks ahead — a treasure trove of reissued LPs! (That’s right, LPs!)

Author: Jason Crane

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