George Cables Healing Fund

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George Cables Healing Fund

As many of you know, George Cables received a liver and kidney transplant in early October 2007. His recovery is going very well, but of course, bills are mounting. We have set up the “George Cables Healing Fund” to help offset some of George’s expenses. The money will go directly to George with no operational costs (except what PayPal takes out) or administrative costs. George will also get a copy of every donation made, and you have an opportunity to write a short note with your donation.

To donate, visit and click on “Healing Fund.”

If you prefer sending a check, please make it payable to:
245 West 25th St. #2F
New York, NY 10001

You can learn more about George Cables and his relationship with Art Pepper on The Jazz Session #34: Laurie Pepper on Art Pepper

The Jazz Session #34: Laurie Pepper on Art Pepper

Jason Crane interviews Laurie Pepper, wife of the late alto saxophonist Art Pepper (1925-1982). Laurie has recently put out two sets of previously unreleased live recordings by Art Pepper — Unreleased Art, Vol. 1: The Complete Abashiri Concert — November 22, 1981 (Widow’s Taste, 2006) and Unreleased Art, Vol. 2: The Last Concert (Widow’s Taste, 2007). Both concerts show Pepper at the height of his emotional expression, and still very much in command of his instrument. In this interview, Laurie Pepper talks about the concerts and the process of releasing them, and also gives insight into the troubled and triumphant life of her husband.