About The Jazz Session

The Jazz Session is a podcast focusing on in-depth conversations with jazz musicians. It’s the first and oldest such podcast, started by Jason Crane in 2007, hosted from September 2021-May 2022 by Nicky Schrire, and now hosted by Jason Crane again. Please become a member today.

Why Should I Join?

The Jazz Session has amassed a truly unique archive of in-depth conversations with folks who’ve been making improvised music during the past 14 years. Supporting The Jazz Session means acknowledging that these artists and their stories are worth preserving.

For just $5 a month you get early access to every show plus an extra episode called This On Dig Of You on which the guest from the main show talks about something non-music that’s bringing them joy. You’ll also get thanked on an episode and you’ll get occasional behind-the-scenes news. Please become a member today.

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