About The Jazz Session

The Jazz Session is a podcast focusing on in-depth conversations with jazz musicians. It’s the first and oldest such podcast, started by Jason Crane in 2007. It is hosted and produced by Nicky Schrire since September 2021. Nicky speaks to jazz musicians about their creative output, their process, and the intersection of life and music. Please become a member today.

Why Should I Join?

The Jazz Session has amassed a truly unique archive of in-depth conversations with folks who’ve been making improvised music during the past 14 years. Supporting The Jazz Session means acknowledging that these artists and their stories are worth preserving.

There are two levels of membership: $5 a month and $10 a month. At $5 you get early access to every show plus an extra weekly episode called “Track of the Week” on which an artist talks about a track from one of their albums. Sometimes Nicky will share her weekly favourite too…hopefully this is not a deterrent! At $10 you get all the stuff the $5 folks get, plus an additional monthly bonus episode called “The Insider”, a spin-off series where Nicky chats to jazz industry insiders (managers, label heads, journalists, broadcasters, publicists) about the nuts and bolts of the business. Please become a member today.

Nicky will also be adding exclusive video footage from the interviews to the Patreon page-these might include Gretchen Parlato taking about her album’s David Bowie cover, or Shai Maestro describing his take on Duke Ellington’s “In A Sentimental Mood.” Only Patreon members will have access to these gems!

About Nicky Schrire


Nicky Schrire is a musician, composer, journalist and broadcaster. Born in London and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, she now resides in Canada where she composes, performs, discovers Toronto’s best coffee offerings, and presents and produces “This Bright North” for JazzFM.91


  • The Respect Sextet composed and played the theme music.
  • This work may not be replicated or used by other parties without permission.

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