George Cables Benefit Concert

There’s a benefit concert for pianist George Cables coming up on Jan. 25 and 26 in NYC. For details, visit Doug Ramsey’s excellent site, Rifftides. And to hear Laurie Pepper talk about her husband Art Pepper’s relationship with George, listen to Laurie’s appearance on The Jazz Session.


For those of you who’ve wondered why there have been so few recent episodes of The Jazz Session, the answer is simple. I’m moving. I work for UNITE HERE, a labor union. About a month ago, I was transferred from the Rochester office to the Saratoga Springs office, just north of Albany, NY. I’ve been working in Saratoga Springs since the beginning of December and commuting back to Rochester on the weekends. Until my wife and kids and I have a new home, it’s a bit challenging (read: just about impossible) to schedule and record new interviews. So the show has slowed down a wee bit.

But never fear — The Jazz Session will be back at full speed shortly. In fact, I hope the show will be bigger and better than ever, thanks in part to a partnership will All About Jazz.

So stay tuned, and thanks again for your support!