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June 29th 2009
The Jazz Session #64: The Respect Sextet

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Jason Crane interviews the members of the Respect Sextet. Their new album, Sirius Respect (Mode, 2009), explores the music of composers Karlheinz Stockhausen and Sun Ra. Formed nearly a decade ago at the Eastman School of Music, the Respect Sextet combines freewheeling improvisation with driving rhythms and a sense of humor. The members of the band have wide-ranging musical tastes and a fearlessly collaborative aesthetic, which leads to one-of-a-kind performances. In this interview, the members of Respect talk about the formation of the band, how they approach performance, and the use of humor in their music. Find out more at

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June 22nd 2009
The Jazz Session #63: Rudder

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Jason Crane interviews keyboardist Henry Hey, saxophonist Chris Cheek and bassist Tim Lefebvre, who, along with drummer Keith Carlock, make up the band Rudder. Rudder’s new album is called Matorning (Nineteen-Eight Records, 2009). These four musicians are incredibly busy in the jazz and pop worlds, but they’ve found the time to create a hip-shaking, brain-stimulating musical hybrid that some critics have said is in a genre all by itself. In this interview, the band talks about its history, the odd name of its new album, and the relative lack of crossover between the jazz and jam-band worlds.

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June 15th 2009
The Jazz Session #62: Jeff Albert

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Jason Crane interviews trombonist Jeff Albert about his new album, Similar In The Opposite Way (Fora Sound, 2009). Albert is one of the leaders of the creative music scene in New Orleans, and his Open Ears Music Series helps provide a home for experimental and free music in the Crescent City. In this interview, Albert talks about the Frenchman Street scene, his Chicago-New Orleans connection, and the cultural condition of post-Katrina New Orleans. Find out more at

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June 8th 2009
The Jazz Session #61: Lisa Sokolov

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Jason Crane interviews vocalist and pianist Lisa Sokolov about her new album, A Quiet Thing. Sokolov is not like any singer you’ve ever heard before, but she is certainly one you need to hear. In this interview, Sokolov talks about what singing is and how she’s arrived at her unique approach to performance and arranging. She also talks about writing haiku in her sleep, and the song that resulted.

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June 5th 2009
REVIEW: Respect Sextet at Le Poisson Rouge

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My latest article for All About Jazz is a review of the Respect Sextet’s CD release party at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC.

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June 1st 2009
The Jazz Session #60: Mike Melito

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Jason Crane interviews drummer Mike Melito. While not a household name among jazz fans, Melito is well known to many jazz musicians, having played with everyone from James Moody and Benny Golson to Joe Locke and Rachel Z. Melito is based in Rochester, NY, and he made the decision early on to stay in his hometown and build his career there. His 2008 album, In The Tradition, features saxophonist Grant Stewart, trumpeter John Swana, bassist Neil Miner, and two fellow Rochesterians — pianist Paul Hofmann and guitarist Bob Sneider.