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May 31st 2012
The Jazz Session #377: Nicky Schrire

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Vocalist Nicky Schrire’s debut album is Freedom Flight (Circavision, 2012). In this interview, Schrire talks about the diverse and often daring songs she’s chosen for her debut; the impact on her life and music of Kate McGarry, Peter Eldridge and Bobby McFerrin; her South African upbringing and switch from saxophone to voice; and why she made the move to New York. Learn more at and follow her on Twitter at @NickySchrire.

CONCERT NOTE: Schrire’s New York CD release event is Wednesday, June 6 at 8:30 p.m. at Cornelia Street Cafe. For details on that and other upcoming shows, visit her site.

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May 28th 2012
The Jazz Session #376: Miles Okazaki

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Guitarist Miles Okazaki’s new album is Figurations (Sunnyside, 2012), recorded live at The Jazz Gallery in New York City. It’s the third and final album in the series that includes Mirror and Generations. In this interview, Okazaki talks about the series and the different aspects of his music he explored on each album; the Golden Mean and Fibonacci numbers and how they figure into his compositions; why it was important for him to record a live album; and how his artwork informs his music and vice versa. Learn more at and follow him on Twitter at @MilesOkazaki.

NOTE: This is Okazaki’s second appearance on The Jazz Session. Listen to our first conversation from 2009.


May 24th 2012
The Jazz Session #375: Gregoire Maret

Posted under Harmonica Players & Podcast

Gregoire Maret has just released his debut album, Gregoire Maret (eOne Music, 2012). In this interview, Maret talks about the importance of connecting with his audience; how he built a career playing his unlikely instrument; and why it’s important for him to be known as a composer, not just as a harmonica player. Learn more at

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May 21st 2012
The Jazz Session #374: Tomas Fujiwara

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Drummer Tomas Fujiwara’s new album with his band The Hook Up is called The Air Is Different (482 Music, 2012). In this interview, Fujiwara talks about his grandfather (pictured on the album cover) and his grandfather’s influence on his life; the addition of bassist Trevor Dunn to the band; his varying methods of composition; and finding balance on the bandstand. Learn more at and follow him on Twitter at @TomasFujiwara.

NOTE: This is Tomas Fujiwara’s second appearance on The Jazz Session. Listen to his 2010 appearance.

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May 17th 2012
The Jazz Session #373: Stranahan, Zaleski & Rosato

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Anticipation (Capri Records, 2012) is the new CD by drummer Colin Stranahan, pianist Glenn Zaleski and bassist Rick Rosato. In this interview, conducted before the trio’s recent live show at Small’s in NYC, the three talk about their mutual appreciation of one another; the shared taste in music that animates their collaboration; and their individual paths into jazz. Learn more at, and

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May 14th 2012
The Jazz Session #372: Maria Neckam

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Vocalist Maria Neckam’s latest CD is Unison (Sunnyside Records, 2012). In this interview, Neckam talks about finding her own musical path early in life; writing songs that don’t use traditional forms; her journey from Vienna to Amsterdam to Brooklyn; and the effects of Buddhism on her life and music. Learn more at and follow her on Twitter at @MariaNeckam.


May 14th 2012
The “Jazz or Bust” Tour

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As of June 1, 2012, I’m doing something fairly crazy and taking The Jazz Session on tour. I’m traveling through North America — and then maybe the rest of the world — conducting interviews and giving poetry readings.



My itinerary, daily tour diary, new poems, recordings of my poetry readings, photos and more are at You’ll also find a list of my scheduled poetry readings there. And of course the podcasts from the tour will be at as they always are. And you can follow me on Twitter at @JasonDCrane.


There are several ways for you to support my tour.

  1. I’ll be living off the income from the paying members of the show. You can become a member HERE.
  2. You can also make a one-time donation to the tour at various levels from $10 to $1,000. Just choose a level HERE and make your secure donation via PayPal. You don’t need a PayPal account to do this. And there are cool thank-you gifts, too!
  3. Suggest a place to go or a musician to interview.
  4. Give me a place to stay.
  5. Host a house party (any size) so I can read my poetry and maybe sell a book or two.
  6. Suggest a venue (bookstore, performance space) in your town where I could do a poetry reading.
  7. Buy a book for my Kindle from my Amazon travel wish list.

To do any of the above (other than donate) send me an email at Initially, I’ll be traveling on the East Coast, but feel free to suggest places and offer me accommodations anywhere. Thank you!

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May 10th 2012
The Jazz Session #371: Steve Lehman

Posted under Podcast & Saxophonists

Saxophonist Steve Lehman’s new album is called Dialect Fluorescent (Pi Recordings, 2012). In this interview, Lehman talks about allocentric performance; what he learned from Jackie McLean about sound and evolution; the unlikely beginning of his current trio; and some of the touchstones in his own musical growth. Learn more at and follow him on Twitter at @TheSteveLehman.

CONCERT NOTE: Lehman’s trio will be at The Jazz Gallery in NYC from June 7-9 with special guests David Virelles, Vijay Iyer and James Hurt.

NOTE: This is Steve Lehman’s second appearance on The Jazz Session. You’ll find our first conversation here.

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May 7th 2012
The Jazz Session #370: George Colligan

Posted under Organists & Pianists & Podcast

Pianist George Colligan’s most recent album is Living For The City (Steeplechase, 2011). In this interview, conducted before an April show at Jazz Standard in NYC, Colligan talks about selling out vs. being relevant; trying his hand at writing songs with lyrics; Nicholas Payton’s outspoken blogging; dealing with online controversy; and managing a life of teaching, performing and fatherhood. Learn more at and follow his blog at

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May 3rd 2012
The Jazz Session #369: Anders Nilsson

Posted under Guitarists & Podcast

Guitarist Anders Nilsson’s new solo album is Night Guitar (2012). In this interview, Nilsson talks about the influence of Frank Zappa, Deep Purple and others on his guitar playing; why he felt inspired to make a solo record; how he created a multi-layered guitar album that still allows for the element of surprise; and the busy year ahead. Learn more at

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