The Jazz Session #370: George Colligan

Pianist George Colligan’s most recent album is Living For The City (Steeplechase, 2011). In this interview, conducted before an April show at Jazz Standard in NYC, Colligan talks about selling out vs. being relevant; trying his hand at writing songs with lyrics; Nicholas Payton’s outspoken blogging; dealing with online controversy; and managing a life of teaching, performing and fatherhood. Learn more at and follow his blog at

Author: Jason Crane

1 thought on “The Jazz Session #370: George Colligan

  1. GREAT INTERVIEW! Colligan speaks the truth about so many things, and is a great player and writer of music and words. One thing about Blue Note: Don Was is now the label head. From his recent NY Times article, I think he might wind up being a little more on the ball about where his artists are touring than Bruce Lundvall was.

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