Article — John Ellis: Wide Angle

My latest article for All About Jazz is an interview with saxophonist and composer John Ellis:

Saxophonist John Ellis is a hybrid of New Orleans funk, New York modernity, Presbyterian sanctification and good ol’ performing skills. He blends all those things together on his new record, Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow (Hyena, 2008), which features saxophone, sousaphone, organ and drums.

Ellis celebrated the release of his new album with a two-night stand at the Jazz Standard in New York on May 13 and 14, 2008, participating in the following interview on May 14 just before taking the stage for the first set, where he spoke about getting the band together, the sousaphone, and music past, present and future.

  • Visit All About Jazz to read the interview, and watch this space for the next episode of The Jazz Session with John Ellis, featuring music from his new album.
Author: Jason Crane