A message from Adam Niewood

Adam Niewood posted this on Facebook today:

We are all deeply saddened by the loss of Gerry Niewood, Coleman Mellett, all the passengers and crew on flight 3407, and the poor innocent man who died in his own home. It is tragic and surreal.

The outpouring of phone calls, emails, text-messages etc is truly overwhelming. All I can say is, it’s too bad Gerry isn’t around to witness the impact he made on all of you.

I plan on getting back to all of you personally – but please understand the need to hunker-down with my family. I’m sure you all understand… There were over 1000 emails yesterday – the phone rings every minute. The voice-mail boxes full. …overwhelming.

That said – Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, funny stories/anecdotes… etc. None of it goes overlooked or unappreciated.

I do not want anyone to feel badly or second guess reaching out – if you haven’t heard back – It’s simply b/c I’m trying to deal with the list of wierd things… For example – trying to get my father’s car out of the Airport parking without a claim ticket..? No one thinks they will have to drive through 2 parking lots full of at least 4000 cars looking for their Dad’s car…

This is all so hard to process – lots of pieces to pick up.

The memorial service is being planned (in addition a separate performance with music) – although nothing finalized as yet. News will go out as soon as we know more.

Thank you all for your support.

Sincerely on behalf of the whole Niewood family…

– Your friend, Adam…

Author: Jason Crane

1 thought on “A message from Adam Niewood

  1. Dear Adam & Family,
    My heart breaks for all of you at this incredibly sad time. Your dad’s passing is a huge loss to so many of us…

    It’s ironic to think that I never met him, but he and Chuck (and all of the assorted band members that had the luxury of playing with them) have had a huge impact on my life. Their music has guided through many miles over the years.

    I have cherished all of their works since hearing them for the first time in 1972, and seeing them at Massey Hall in Toronto in 1973 for the first time when they recorded Land of Make Believe (twice that night).

    I, too, lost a parent very suddenly and understand your shock and bewilderment at this difficult time – and, that is without having been bombarded by well-wishers from all over the world.

    May peace and comfort be with all of you in knowing that Gerry’s music will be with so many of us forever.

    Roberta – Toronto

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