Two new members talk about why they support The Jazz Session

Kyoko Kitamura, jazz musician: “I see the Jazz Session as something that might represent the future of music journalism: a versatile internet downloadable program which combines audio, the musician’s interview, great questions, great editing. I feel that it is very important to have an outlet where the music and the musicians can speak for themselves. Rather than bemoan the current state of the music industry and journalism, I find it more satisfying to support what I believe is a great format that truly works.”

Jonathan Matz, student: “I made a one-time donation of $30 in April, and here’s another $80 to make it to the $110 annual donation. As a full-time student, this is a stretch for me, but as a former WKCR DJ, I know the value of what you’re doing.”

Thanks, Jonathan and Kyoko. If you’d like to support the show, please become a member for as little as $10 a month.

Author: Jason Crane

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