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The Jazz Session is the best independent jazz podcast out there.” — Darcy James Argue

“Advocacy, bravery, hard work, eloquence: if jazz survives another century he’ll be one of the reasons.” — Andrew Durkin

“As overused as this word is, Jason Crane, in fact, a ‘hero’ … to the jazz world anyway. Check out him and his insightful show.” — Gabriel Gloege

“Jason Crane is a hipster of the highest order. A super sonic solid sender cat daddy perched upon the monumental peak of groovy. Dig?” — Matt Wilson

The Jazz Session is a member-supported online interview show focusing on in-depth conversations with jazz musicians. The show is hosted by Jason Crane.

Since its inception in 2007, there have been more than 2.5 million downloads of The Jazz Session‘s 400+ episodes. The Jazz Session focuses on in-depth interviews with jazz musicians, along with occasional interviews with producers, authors and others in the jazz world. The show’s mission is to chronicle the lives and opinions of musicians who make creative improvised music, without regard to artificial genres or labels.

Every episode of the show is available here at thejazzsession.com for free. You’ll find the guests listed alphabetically on the Archive page (coming soon). You can also search by instrument using the category menu immediately below the list of names. To make sure you never miss an episode, subscribe via iTunes or an RSS reader.

The Jazz Session survives because of the support of its members. Please become a member today.

Author: Jason Crane

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