The Jazz Session #329: Adam Schatz

Adam Schatz is the founder of Search & Restore, which opened its doors in late 2007 and has since become a 501(c)3 non-profit committed to bringing the artists and audiences of new jazz and improvised music together in new ways. In this interview, Schatz talks about the musical components of the organization’s mission and his own pursuits as a performing musician. Learn more about Search & Restore at and about their current fundraising efforts at The fundraiser runs through Dec. 19, 2011.

NOTE: This interview is a companion piece to my video conversation with Schatz, which you’ll find at JazzDIY’s site,

Author: Jason Crane

4 thoughts on “The Jazz Session #329: Adam Schatz

  1. Super cool interview. Always love learning about new music on your podcast. Listening to Father Figures right now. The round robin duet concept from the undead jazz fest sounds amazing. Is there a recording of this out there anywhere?

    Thanks for the great show.

  2. I’m listening my way down the video page right now. What a great resource for finding music. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the round robin duet show is here. Thanks for the suggestion. I just figured I would ask, in case it was out there. It sounds like a great concept.

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