21st 2011
The Jazz Session #294: Ches Smith

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Drummer Ches Smith is a versatile and daring player who finds himself in a variety of musical situations as a leader and sideman. In this interview, Smith talks about solo drum playing; his many projects; and how his early years influenced his current approach to music without boundaries. Learn more at chessmith.com.

Tracks used in this episode: (from Noise To Men) Noise To Men; (from Congs For Brums) Metal Vacation; (from Finally Out Of My Hands) Anxiety Disorder; Finally Out Of My Hands; (from Noise To Men) Turn Your iPod Into A Car; (from Finally Out Of My Hands) It Rained And The Tent Fell Down; (from Noise To Men) Omar.

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    […] CHES SMITH TALKS ABOUT STUFF. What a dream boat. […]

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