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January 30th 2012
The Jazz Session #342: Tom Wetmore

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Pianist Tom Wetmore’s new CD is The Desired Effect (Crosstown Records, 2012). In this interview, Wetmore talks about why he wants people to “really listen”; why he tries not to assign particular meanings to his compositions; and about his Tune-A-Day project. Learn more at and and follow him on Twitter at @tomwetmore.

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January 26th 2012
The Jazz Session #341: Bob Reynolds

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Saxophonist Bob Reynolds’ most recent album is A Live Life (2011) and he’s currently working on his forthcoming studio album. Reynolds is perhaps best known for his work with rock musician John Mayer. In this interview, Reynolds talks about the importance of good time (in the musical sense); how he’s learned to bring an audience along for the ride; and about his video lesson service. Learn more at and follow him on Twitter at @Bob_Reynolds.

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January 23rd 2012
The Jazz Session #340: Matt Wilson

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Drummer Matt Wilson’s new album with his band Arts & Crafts is An Attitude For Gratitude (Palmetto Records, 2012). In this interview, Wilson talks about the inclusive approach of the band; why he likes the word “allow”; and how a difficult year for his family helped him put things in perspective and brought the idea of gratitude into focus. Learn more at and follow him on Twitter at @mattwilsonjazz.

NOTE: This interview is part of a new monthly collaboration with JazzDIY, the online journal for the 21st century jazz musician. Visit to see a video interview with Matt Wilson in which he talks about the business of music.

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January 19th 2012
The Jazz Session #339: Armen Donelian

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Pianist Armen Donelian’s new CD is Leapfrog (Sunnyside Records, 2011). In this interview, Donelian talks about his approach to playing the piano and his philosophy of music; his years with Mongo Santamaria and Sonny Rollins; and his other career as an educator. Learn more at


January 16th 2012
The Jazz Session #338: Barry Altschul

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Drummer Barry Altschul’s latest CD is History Of Jazz In Reverse (TUM, 2011) with the FAB Trio featuring Joe Fonda and Billy Bang. In this interview, Altschul talks about growing up in the South Bronx; his roots in the tradition and how he uses them even when playing “free”; and how he achieves a personal sound on the drums. Learn more at


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