The Jazz Session #338: Barry Altschul

Drummer Barry Altschul’s latest CD is History Of Jazz In Reverse (TUM, 2011) with the FAB Trio featuring Joe Fonda and Billy Bang. In this interview, Altschul talks about growing up in the South Bronx; his roots in the tradition and how he uses them even when playing “free”; and how he achieves a personal sound on the drums. Learn more at

Author: Jason Crane

6 thoughts on “The Jazz Session #338: Barry Altschul

  1. Jason,
    Thanks for the “shoutout!” But, even more thanks for this excellent conversation with Barry Altschul. His 1980 Sackville recording with Ray Anderson and Mark Helias – “Brahma” – remains one of my favorites, sounding fresh and relevant 3 decades after its release.

    His recent work with Jon Irabagon and The F-A-B Trio is not to be missed. Thanks again for taking the time to let younger generations of listeners discover this fine musician.


  2. Thank you for this wonderful interview. An amazing drummer. I still remember when he was playing with Anthony Braxton. Keep them coming Jason.

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