The Jazz Session #143: Jason Parker

Seattle-based trumpeter Jason Parker has figured out how to make a living — and a life — with his instrument. Parker’s quartet has been together for a several years, a fact clearly in evidence on their most recent recording, No More, No Less (Jason Parker Music, 2009). In this interview, Parker talks about the band and what makes it work; his early adoption of social media and how it’s helped his career; and why he decided to give away his music for free. Learn more at Follow Jason Parker on Twitter at

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Author: Jason Crane

6 thoughts on “The Jazz Session #143: Jason Parker

  1. I’m surprised with all of my jazz Twitter follows I didn’t have Jason … but now I do! Love the music – had me with the mashup of Footprints and Summertime!

    Nice to see the ‘name your price’ deal on the website, hopefully that will help you grab some more sales as well.

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