The Jazz Session #171: Seth Abramson of Jazz Standard

Seth Abramson is a musician and longtime music promoter who books Jazz Standard, one of the premier jazz clubs in New York. In this interview, Abramsom talks about the musical philosophy of the Starndard; how he decides who to book when; and how the Standard got its start. Learn more at

Author: Jason Crane

2 thoughts on “The Jazz Session #171: Seth Abramson of Jazz Standard

  1. Is there are printed transcript of Jazz Session #171 with Seth Abramson? I’d like to have a copy so I can refer to it as a reference.

  2. Hi Dave: There’s no transcript. You can download an mp3 of the show if you’d like to save it or transcribe it. I would just ask that you credit the show if you’re using it for an article or broadcast.

    Thanks for listening.


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