The Jazz Session #196: John Escreet

Pianist John Escreet explores a structured freedom on his album, Don’t Fight The Inevitable (Mythology, 2010). In this interview, Escreet talks about his upbringing in England; his important experiences with drummer Tyshawn Sorey and saxophonist David Binney; and a new commission that debuts this month. Learn more at

Author: Jason Crane

2 thoughts on “The Jazz Session #196: John Escreet

  1. Jason,
    I spent the better art of the daylight hours this Labor Day weekend stripping my back deck and listening to downloads. I caught up with both the Shane Endsley and the John Escreet chats. Both excellent interviews (took a while to get used to to the sonic quality) with plenty of information thanks to your great questions.
    John Escreet talks about Tyshawn Sorey who is now in his 2nd year of graduate work at Wesleyan University (right here in my hometown.) Great guy – in the course of 2 nights, I saw him sit in on keyboard bass with the Wesleyan Jazz Orchestra (he was scheduled to play trombone but the bassist was absent) and the next night, he played piano with a Klezmer group.

    Again, great work – all the best,

  2. Thanks as always, Richard. Regarding the sonic quality — I was riding my bike so left my slightly heavier gear back in Albany in favor of lighter equipment. The difference in quality was too great, though, so I won’t do that again. Funnily enough, I used the exact same equipment for those shows that I used for TJS #1 back in 2007. After that first show, someone said to me, “You need better gear.” Should have remembered that sooner.

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