The Jazz Session #317: Larry Goldings

Larry Goldings has two new CDs out: In My Room (BFM Jazz, 2011), a solo piano CD, and Live At Smalls (SmallsLive, 2011) with his organ trio featuring Peter Bernstein and Bill Stewart. In this interview, Goldings talks about approaching each piano on its own terms; how he first met Bernstein and Stewart; and his unplanned entry into the bands of Maceo Parker and James Taylor. Learn more at and follow him on Twitter at @LarryGoldings.

Author: Jason Crane

1 thought on “The Jazz Session #317: Larry Goldings

  1. Larry is always listening and it’s so apparent in his music. So many guys want to play 26-2 in 7/4 to prove that they’ve got something. Larry could do that if that was the gig, but that, to me, doesn’t seem like his intent. He talked about playing within the constraints of the genre, and how that is what makes it difficult–when NOT to play a #13. Mr Goldings’ ears are always open, and his voice-leading is unparalleled. Play on, player.

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