The Jazz Session: A Special Announcement

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I’ve decided to end The Jazz Session.

After five years, more than 400 episodes, and more than two million downloads, I just can’t make the show work financially. To keep it alive (and by extension, to keep myself going), I’d need to run a massive fundraising campaign immediately, and probably annually. I don’t know if that’s possible for The Jazz Session. I think it might be possible for a show with a broader format, which I’m considering.

I can’t thank each of you enough for your support of The Jazz Session. You’ve come through every time I’ve needed you, from the 100 x 300 Campaign to the Jazz Or Bust Tour. Moreover, your emails have kept me energized and have let me know that real people out there in the real world value this show. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I’m extremely proud of The Jazz Session and the archive it represents. I hope that when scholars of this music look back at the 2007-12 period, the 400+ episodes of my show — the show you helped me build — will prove to be a valuable resource. I hope at some point to associate this archive with a university so the episodes will be properly indexed.

The Jazz Session will run until show #417 on October 29, 2012. I’d like to ask you a favor — would you all please wait to cancel your memberships until that date? That would be a great help to me financially. I’ll send a note when the show ends reminding you to cancel. Unfortunately, this is something you have to do yourself. I can’t cancel them for you.

I’m going to spend some time in Auburn, Alabama, figuring out my next steps. One next step may involve living at a Zen center for a while. I could use it. These last few months have been a real challenge. I’d also like to work on a book recounting the tour and the circumstances leading up to it. I just don’t have an ending yet.

Once again, thank you so much for supporting me and the work I’ve done on The Jazz Session. You made it all worthwhile.

Much love,


Author: Jason Crane

9 thoughts on “The Jazz Session: A Special Announcement

  1. Hi Jason,
    Hey wow, I didn’t know this site existed. I remeber your involvement with Jaz 90.1.
    I was checking out your poetry page. Len Messineo, whom I play with in Artisan Jazz, is an extensive writer, editor, and teaches at Writers & Books here in Rochester.
    Artisan Jazz have in the past organized poet readings with on the spot inprovised music at several locations around Rochester. Are you still in the area?
    Would you be interested in doing something like this?

    Thanks and all the best to you!
    Don Muller

  2. Jason,
    While I cannot say that I am surprised with your decision, I certainly understand it. A number of us who write, talk, interview or play music don’t do this for money – we may have in the past been paid for it but, as you know very well, the venues for our words have dried up.

    No need to remind you of the joy your hard work and dedication to the project have brought to subscribers and listeners around the globe so best just say “Thank You” and wish you a future filled with words, music, love and, above all, happiness.


  3. Dear Jason,

    I suspected this might be coming, but it still didn’t take the sting out of reading your words. I know this must have been an incredibly difficult decision.

    Let me tell you once more how much I have enjoyed these wonderful podcasts – especially some of the recent shows from your road tour. You are a gifted interviewer – always asking just the right questions and never getting in the way.

    I’m proud to have been a member and would gladly increase my monthly contribution if it would help save the show. I have a feeling that other members would feel the same way.

    Whatever may happen, I sincerely wish you much success in whatever you do. May you go from strength to strength.


  4. So sorry to hear that The Jazz Session is going to podcast heaven, but as a lapsed jazz blogger myself, I certainly appreciate the factors that contributed to your decision to hang up the mic for now! Thanks for your tireless work to promote the music we love, your podcasts have always been a treat. Looking forward to whatever you’ll be doing next, as I know you will bring the same thoughtful diligence that made The Jazz Session such a great media property for the past few years. Thanks again for helping to make the jazz blogosphere a better place.

  5. It will be everyone’s loss, Jason, particularly the artists’. My interview with you was most rewarding as a result of your insightful questions. It enabled me to expound in insightful ways.
    So, will the archive still be accessible online or, if not, where will it go?
    Best from

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