The Jazz Session #586: Theo Bleckmann

Vocalist Theo Bleckmann is in a league and a category of his own. Equally dazzling when interpreting the music of Kate Bush or singing the songs of Charles Ives, he made his ECM Records leader debut in 2017 with his album “Elegy”. More recently, he collaborated with the brass quartet The Westerlies for their haunting record “This Land.” Theo and I talked about his approach to recording versus performing live, his cherished collaborations with drummer John Hollenbeck and pianist Shai Maestro, and why clarity and authenticity are so important in creativity.

Show Notes:
– Take My Life (from Elegy)
– Elegy (from
– Knows Only God (God Only Knows) (from
Songs You Like A Lot)
– Comedy Tonight (from
– Look for the Union Label (from
This Land)

– Suspended In Gaffa (from Hello Earth!)
– Army Dreamers (from
Hello Earth!)

Buy “This Land” here
“Elegy” here

Theme music by The Respect Sextet
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Author: Jason Crane