The Jazz Session #588: Jared Schonig

Drummer Jared Schonig is much-loved both in the New York jazz community and amongst  Broadway musicians. He took on the gargantuan, brilliant task of releasing a double album, “Two Takes Volumes 1 & 2”, on Anzic Records in September 2021. The recording features quartet renditions of his music, followed by big band arrangements of the same repertoire by eight of the great arrangers working today-Jim McNeely, Miho Hazama, Darcy James Argue, Alan Ferber, Laurence Hobgood, Brian Krock, John Daversa and Mike Holober. The result is musically exciting and impressive, bridging the gaps between big band jazz sounds, progressive rock and contemporary jazz.

Show Notes:
– Sabotage
– White Out
– Climb
– Tig Mack

TWO TAKES-VOL. 1: QUINTET & VOL. 2: BIG BAND is out now on Anzic Records
Jared’s Spotify Playlists:
Influential Drummer-Led Big Bands
Influential Drummer-Led Combos

Theme music by The Respect Sextet
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Author: Jason Crane