The Jazz Session #107: Kat Edmonson


Kat Edmonson is making a name for herself as both a smart interpreter of popular songs (both old and new) and as a musician who puts her values into practice in her art. Edmonson’s debut CD, Take To The Sky (Convivium Records, 2009) features creative reworkings of tunes by Carol King, The Cure and The Cardigans, alongside (un)expected versions of Cole Porter, George Gershwin and Henry Mancini. In this interview, Edmonson talks about her years of apprenticeship in Austin, TX; how she’s navigating the line between jazz and pop music; and how she turned a quotation from Gandhi into a hit YouTube video. NOTE: Edmonson is making two rare East Coast appearances this week: at Sculler’s in Boston on Tuesday (11/10) and at The Jazz Standard in New York on Wednesday (11/11). Learn more at

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Author: Jason Crane

3 thoughts on “The Jazz Session #107: Kat Edmonson

  1. This is another reason I love the show: Kat’s music is not really the type of thing I like (mainstream & singer-based) so if it was a written interview with sound clips I would have clicked one clip, decided I would never listen to it and left.

    But in podcast form I get the utter charm of this young lady, and the way you weave the clips in allows me to appreciate that while I am still unlikely to listen to it myself, there is a load of talent here and I’ll share this with friends!

    Nice job as always and best of luck to Kat …

  2. Fantastic interview, great conversation and Kat was totally engaged! So glad I found this as I was able to learn more about Kat and her music. Last week I completed my review of “Take to The Sky” (before I heard this interview). Kat’s insight, validated a great deal of what I heard coming from her music.

    Thank you for a great interview Jason

    Bruce Pulver

    My review of “Take to The Sky” has just been published at:

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