The Jazz Session #108: The Dan Loomis Quartet


The Dan Loomis Quartet currently features Loomis on bass, Eli Asher on trumpet, Robin Verheyen on saxophone and Jared Schonig on drums. This particular line-up of the band performed for the first time in Albany, NY, during the 2009 Albany Riverfront Jazz Festival. After the show, the four musicians talked about the freedom found in a band without a chordal instrument; how they approach complex rhythms and forms; and what makes the experience of collective improvisation such a joy. Learn more at

The previous incarnation of the Dan Loomis Quartet recorded an album in 2007 called I Love Paris (Jazz Excursion Records, 2007). If you’d like to buy the album, you can help support The Jazz Session by purchasing it via the link below:

Author: Jason Crane

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