The Jazz Session #122: Rez Abbasi


Guitarist Rez Abbasi continues his rhythmic and harmonic explorations on Things To Come (Sunnyside, 2009). He’s joined on this album by pianist Vijay Iyer, saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappa, bassist Johannes Weidenmeuller, drummer Dan Weiss, cellist Mike Block and vocalist Kiran Ahluwalia. In this interview, Abbasi discusses the Indian-Pakistani jazz scene in New York; how he incorporates Indian and Pakistani music into his compositions even without the use of traditional instruments; and why he feels his best compositions are combinations of craft and inspiration. Learn more at

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Author: Jason Crane

3 thoughts on “The Jazz Session #122: Rez Abbasi

  1. I remember on your survey you asked about who we’d like to see, and my opinion was to keep going with folks who tend to ‘fly under the radar’, as it has led to some of my favorite purchases of the last couple of years.

    This is a perfect example!

  2. Really the melodies are complex, but when the band plays the final result is so beautiful and sounds simple.

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