The Jazz Session #123: Willard Jenkins


Willard Jenkins is a jazz broadcaster and blogger, and a consultant to jazz artists and festivals. Jenkins’ blog, The Independent Ear, is a constant source of news and views about the jazz world. In this interview, Jenkins talks about the diminishing influence of jazz in people’s home record collections and thus in the lives of their children; why jazz is no longer an integral part of the black community experience; and that jazz isn’t dead — but it does need to work on audience development. Learn more at

Author: Jason Crane

4 thoughts on “The Jazz Session #123: Willard Jenkins

  1. Have operated a wonderful club in the Berkshires, club Helsinki, for the past 15 years. Now moving to Hudson, New York.

    Fabulous 2 rooms and complete devotion to music.

    Site will be up again shortly for new venue. Please don’t hesitate to
    get in touch. great Jazz has always had a home with us and in the new club want to push it hard on all.

    Best and Hope you are in touch.
    deborah Mcdowell

    Club Helsinki
    204 Columbia Street
    Hudson, ny

  2. My fave quote:

    “Oh Jazz, Po’ Jazz, Woe is Jazz!”

    Quote of the day / week / month / whatever … especially in the light of all of the great music released this year. You want Jazz to be relevant? Go buy some, see some, and so on … and stop whining!

  3. @Deborah: I’ve heard of the club but have never been there. I’ll make a point of heading down to Hudson.

    @Michael: That was a good line, wasn’t it?

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