The Jazz Session #154: John Ellis

Saxophonist John Ellis & Double-Wide return with an expanded instrumental line-up on their new CD, Puppet Mischief (Obliq Sound, 2010). This interview was recorded in Albany, NY, right before Ellis’s show at Red Square. In this interview, Ellis talks about the addition of harmonica and trombone to the band; how he approaches recording sessions; and Ice Siren, his hour-long, song-based narrative collaboration with writer Andy Bragen. Learn more at

NOTE: This is John Ellis’s second appearance on The Jazz Session. You can also hear him talk about the first Double-Wide album on TJS #37 from 2008.

If you’d like to buy this album, you can support The Jazz Session by purchasing it via the link below:

Author: Jason Crane

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  1. Cool – just disabled AdBlock Plus on my work machine and now I can see the Amazon links! Sadly I can’t undo the ~10 purchases I went straight to the artist site for this year … but now I know ;)

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