The Jazz Session #321: Nicholas Payton

Trumpeter Nicholas Payton’s new CD is Bitches (In+Out Records, 2011). In this interview, Payton talks about his outspoken presence on social media; why he thinks it’s important to bring groove and sensuality back to jazz; and how his New Orleans roots have shaped the way he approaches music and performance. Learn more at and follow him on Twitter at @paynic.

Author: Jason Crane

6 thoughts on “The Jazz Session #321: Nicholas Payton

  1. This is one of the best conversations that I’ve heard about music — ever. I don’t agree with everything that Nicholas had to say, but he definitely made me think.

    If I were teaching music, I’d assign it to my students. Deserves to be listened to by anyone who cares about jazz. Or about any form of music. Or about life.

    It’s actually motivated me to make a donation for the first time.

    Great work, Jason.

  2. Hey Jason,

    I love this insightful, in depth conversation with Nicholas Payton. Can’t get enough of his music and particularly his new work. Thanks for this gift!

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