The Jazz Session #378: Judith Kay

Guitarist and vocalist Judith Kay has made a career for herself in Arden, an artists community near Wilmington, DE. In this interview, Kay talks about her love of Brazilian music; her time studying arranging with Manny Albam; why she decided to stay in Delaware; and why she feels it’s important to sing the melody the way the composer wrote it. Learn more at

This interview was conducted as part of my “Jazz Or Bust” tour.

Author: Jason Crane

3 thoughts on “The Jazz Session #378: Judith Kay

  1. Hi Jason
    I really enjoyed this one – she’s a very fine guitarist/arranger. Now I’m going to buy some albums. Always great to discover new musicians through your podcast, especially some of the less well known ones.

  2. Thanks, Rick. So glad you enjoyed the show and are turning that into support for Judith’s music. You’re the best!

  3. Hi Jason

    Thanks for a great interview with the Judith Kay. She’s the real deal..a fabulous guitarist/arranger and talented vocalist. I appreciate her passion for the music which is evident in her recordings and live performances….and I believe that composers of the music she loves would be pleased with her interpretation of their work. I have known Judith for 3 decades and her beauty as a person and as a musician continues to grow.

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