The Jazz Session #379: Vernon Reid

Guitarist Vernon Reid’s new album with Jack Bruce, John Medeski and Cindy Blackman-Santana is called Spectrum Road (Palmetto Records, 2012). Reid is the founder of the band Living Colour and of the Black Rock Coalition. He’s a skilled improviser whose history with jazz goes back several decades to New York’s downtown music scene. He’s also the co-host, with comedian W. Kamau Bell, of the Field Negro Guide to Arts & Culture. In this interview, Reid talks about how John Coltrane’s “My Favorite Things” drew him into improvised music; the parallel development of improvisation in rock and jazz; the dangers of musical influence; and the decade-long conception and making of Spectrum Road. Learn more at and follow him on Twitter at @vurnt22.

Author: Jason Crane

2 thoughts on “The Jazz Session #379: Vernon Reid

  1. Thanks again Jason for this piece. Vernon has been one of my favorite musicians for many years. I know his music, but have never heard his thoughts expressed in words.

    He is an extremely thoughtful cat. His wide knowledge of the connections that exist in music, between genres and eras paint such a rich picture.

    Hat tip to you for making him feel so comfortable as to share all this with you.


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