The Jazz Session #572: Remy Le Boeuf

Remy Le Boeuf is a Grammy-nominated composer and saxophonist whose music is rooted in the jazz tradition while drawing on various influences, ranging from contemporary classical sounds to indie rock energy. His jazz orchestra “Assembly of Shadows” is a dazzling vehicle both for Remy’s compositions and arrangements, and his voice as a saxophonist. The 20-piece ensemble releases its second album “Architecture of Storms”, featuring guests Dayna Stephens and Julia Easterlin, on 5th November 2021. I caught up with Remy ahead of the release to ask him about his influences, process, and just exactly how he juggles manning a large ensemble (hats off to all big band leaders, everywhere).

Show Notes:
– Secondhand Smile
– Minnesota, WI
– The Melancholy Architecture of Storms
– Rumpus
– Neener Never

Remy’s Upcoming Tour dates:
The Jazz Gallery, New York-November 5
Vibrato, Los Angeles-November 23

Architecture of Storms comes out on 5 November 2021 on SoundSpore Records

Theme music by The Respect Sextet
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Author: Jason Crane