The Jazz Session #599: Mothers In Jazz

In honour of Mother’s Day, which occurred on 8 May, I am delighted to have gathered eight jazz musicians who also all happen to be mothers. These mums are of varying nationalities and at the top of their creative games. Laila Biali (Canada), Sarah Elizabeth Charles (USA), Christine Jensen (Canada), Lina Nyberg (Sweden), Linda May Han Oh (Australia), Tomoko Omura (Japan), Zoe Rahman (UK), and Sara Serpa (Portugal) joined me for a conversation about their music, their experiences as mothers in the jazz community, and more, in an informal, roundtable-style conversation.

Show Notes:
– Wendy’s Song (Laila Biali)
– Lilac Chaser (Linda Oh)
– Dream A Little Dream of Me (Lina Nyberg)
– Octofolk (Christine Jensen)
– For You I Must Become A Tree (Sara Serpa)
– To Ryan Se (Tomoko Omura)
– Same (Sarah Elizabeth Charles with AJOYO)
– The Calling (Zoe Rahman)


Theme music by The Respect Sextet
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Author: Jason Crane

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