The Jazz Session #117: Eldar


Pianist Eldar came onto the jazz scene as a child prodigy. Now in his early 20s, Eldar is expanding his repertoire as a composer and improviser. His new album is Virtue (Sony Masterworks Jazz, 2009). In this wide-ranging interview, Eldar talks about making music relevant to the present day; the nature of the jazz audience; and why many people respond to the “color” of music before anything else. Learn more at

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Author: Jason Crane

3 thoughts on “The Jazz Session #117: Eldar

  1. Very interesting interview … perhaps the most openly confrontational and tense one I can recall from the whole time I have listened.

    My favorite line … ‘now define Sound without using the word Sound’.

    I eventually got what he was saying, that the evolution of the language is realized by external and internal influences in both Jazz and other genres, and therefore even similar instrumentation can sound quite different over time. Makes sense … he just couldn’t manage to articulate it very well.

    Nice music though … and I’m glad nobody got hurt ;)

  2. Thanks, Michael. I talked a lot more in this show than I usually do. I was actually a bit uncomfortable with how much air time I had, but I think it worked out OK in the end.

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