The Jazz Session #129: Eric Alexander

Saxophonist Eric Alexander has forged a multi-decade career out of one simple concept: “To thine own self be true.” In this interview, recorded before his September 2009 performance in Schenectady, NY, Alexander talks about his musical vision; his experience as a teacher at SUNY Purchase; and why he thinks it’s possible to point to one particular period of jazz as the greatest in the music’s history. Learn more at

The tunes in this interview come from Eric Alexander’s Nightlife In Tokyo CD. If you’d like to buy this album, you can support The Jazz Session by purchasing it via the link below:

Author: Jason Crane

5 thoughts on “The Jazz Session #129: Eric Alexander

  1. I really liked the music and enjoyed the interview … but one ‘complaint’ – given how often you have engaged recently in discourse about ‘how do you set your music in THIS time’, I was surprised you gave him a free ride on this.

  2. Good point. I may have recorded this interview before I got on that particular kick about relevance. I recorded this back in September.

  3. Jason,
    I enjoyed the Eric Alexander interview. Eric was very articulate and certainly you were too. This was the first time I have tuned in. My only question was why the old Milestone CD was used? Eric’s style has morphed into much more than he was at that time. I won’t go any further… also except to say that “Age is only a number”. Sign us up to get the monthly emails… that will go to the main portal and also be seen by Barney Fields. I know you get all our HighNote and Savant issues.

    Joe Fields

  4. @Michael Anderson

    Eric didn’t leave any room for that topic after his last statements. Just my opinion

  5. He has a kind pure sound, and is so great that seems to be easy to play – what certainly is not the case.

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