The Jazz Session #347: Aaron Staebell

Drummer Aaron Staebell’s new CD is Bending and Breaking (2011). In this interview, Staebell talks about smashing different sounds and styles together to see what works; how a visit from John Hollenbeck caused him to finally perform his own compositions in public; why it’s important for him that his compositions have stories behind them; and why he likes living and working in Rochester, NY. Learn more at and follow him on Twitter at @aaronstaebell.

Author: Jason Crane

3 thoughts on “The Jazz Session #347: Aaron Staebell

  1. It is always a treat when one listens to a musician who so loves what he does, loves to tell stories, puts the human element into the creative music experience and backs it up by being a darned good player. Thanks to you, Jason, I now know Aaron’s story and have discovered his music.

  2. Thanks, Richard. I thought Aaron was a particularly thoughtful guest. I enjoyed this interview a lot.


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