The Insider #1: Publicist Lydia Liebman

Lydia Liebman is the founder and president of Lydia Liebman Promotions, a leading PR agency based in NYC, with additional operations in London. Her current roster includes artists like the Baylor Project, Somi, Ted Nash and Glenn Close (yes, THAT Glenn Close), and labels like Dot Time Records and Whirlwind Recordings. Lydia regularly lectures about PR and other music industry-related topics and has spoken at several higher education institutions including The Royal Academy of Music in London and Berklee College of Music in Boston. Lydia joined me to talk about artist’s understanding of the press process, how to play The Grammy “game”, and how optimism is her chosen outlook on life and being a publicist.

Show Notes:
Tracks Played:
Dave Liebman: Mr Day
Kirk Lightsey: I’ll Never Stop Loving You
Laila Biali: Wendy’s Song
Spanish Harlem Orchestra: Yo Te Prometo
Ted Nash, featuring Wayne Brady and Glenn Close: Creation Part I
The Baylor Project: Strivin’

Artists mentioned:
Rachel Eckroth, “The Garden” is out now
Dara Tucker, “Dreams of Waking: Music For A Better World” is out now
Thana Alexa, “Ona” is out now
Charles McPherson
Terry Gibbs

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Author: Jason Crane