The Jazz Session #579: Camille Bertault

French vocalist Camille Bertault is a dazzling musician whose expressive personality permeates everything she does. Initially a classical pianist, she soon found her voice, so to speak, as a vocalist, immersing herself in transcribing not only jazz solos by the greats but also intricate classical melodies by Debussy, Bach and more. One of her early claims to fame was penning a French vocalise to Coltrane’s behemoth “Giant Steps” but she pays homage to the tradition of French chanteuse with equal ease and, always, superb musicality. We talk about her trajectory and her response to my question “do you ever not feel like singing” was really quite wonderful.

Show Notes:
– Very Early
– Là Où Tu Vas
– Goldberg
– 14 Berceuse de la 54ème rue (version portugaise)
– Tantôt
– Frevo

Visit to find out about Camille’s tour dates.

Theme music by The Respect Sextet
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Author: Jason Crane