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June 18th 2012
The Jazz Session #382: Jeff Cosgrove

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Drummer Jeff Cosgrove’s debut album, featuring his band Motian Sickness, is For The Love Of Sarah (Grizzley Music, 2011). In this interview, recorded in Shepherdstown, WV, on the “Jazz Or Bust” Tour, Cosgrove talks about making a life in music when you’re not in a major metropolitan area; how he decided on the bluegrass sound that characterizes Motian Sickness; his relationship with Paul Motian; and how he uses grants to bring major artists to Shepherdstown. Learn more at and follow him on Twitter at @MotianSickness.

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June 14th 2012
The Jazz Session #381: Harris Eisenstadt

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Harris Eisenstadt’s two new records are Canada Day III (Songlines, 2012) and Canada Day Octet (482 Music, 2012). In this interview, Eisenstadt talks about expanding existing quintet music to octet form; the evolution of the Canada Day band and what its longevity allows him to do as a composer; and the life of a touring musician. Learn more at and follow him on Twittter at @HEisenstadt.

Concert Note: Eisenstadt has two CD release parties this weekend in NYC. The Canada Day III release event is on June 16, 2012, at Cornelia Street Cafe. The Canada Day Octet event is on June 17 at the Red Hook Jazz Festival.

Note: This is Eisenstadt’s second appearance on The Jazz Session. Listen to our 2010 conversation.

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May 21st 2012
The Jazz Session #374: Tomas Fujiwara

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Drummer Tomas Fujiwara’s new album with his band The Hook Up is called The Air Is Different (482 Music, 2012). In this interview, Fujiwara talks about his grandfather (pictured on the album cover) and his grandfather’s influence on his life; the addition of bassist Trevor Dunn to the band; his varying methods of composition; and finding balance on the bandstand. Learn more at and follow him on Twitter at @TomasFujiwara.

NOTE: This is Tomas Fujiwara’s second appearance on The Jazz Session. Listen to his 2010 appearance.

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